Thursday, October 16, 2008


It's that time of year when the air gets brisk and smells so good...and of course you start to get ready for halloween and the holidays to follow it. Well we went with Boston's preschool class today to pick pumpkins. It was really fun for all the kids....kind of a challenge for me...half the time I was carrying Tayden in one arm, pushing the stroller with the other, all while trying to catch at least a few pictures of Boston. It turned out ok though...Boston picked his perfect pumpkin. Let me tell ya, he spent FOREVER trying to pick one. He wanted one that was, "yittle and kean (little and clean)" So you can guess how frustrated he was when every pumpkin he picked up had dirt on it...imagine that. I finally had to trick him and show him the clean side of a little pumpkin so I could get him out of there. Anyway...I don't think there is much more news here. Boston has started to break himself of taking a nap at all anymore, but he has been sleeping in closer till 8:00 so I will take it. Tayden has started to break himself of two naps to just one....which isn't that big of a deal, but 5:00 hits and he gets grabby and just wants to be entertained cause he is tired....he won't just go down though. Hopefully that situation will get a little bit better. We are still looking at houses and have seen some really beautiful homes. I think this move will definitely be a financial sacrifice for us, but I feel like this is such a huge opportunity for us that everything will work out....even if we really have to budget our money. I guess that's all for's a few pictures from the pumpkin patch.

Boston making his way through the maze.....

This is the face he gave me when I told him to carry his pumpkin....apparently it was way too heavy.
Ok just a little bored with the activities...

The boys in their beanies just before we left for the field trip. This is Tayden's new face....he loves showing of his teeth.

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Mandi said...

Funny, that second picture of Boston he looks like he is super-imposed. That last picture of Tayden is darling, he is a sweetie.