Saturday, October 18, 2008

They Grow Up So Fast...

Ok I know that I will be posting here pretty soon here when Tayden is 11 months, but I just had to make a quick note about some of the things he started doing this week.
1. He actually crawled a few times...not very far and it's definitely not his choice of transportation.
2. He has taken a few steps this week all by himself. He is getting so brave. If he is close to anything he will pull himself up and start walking along the furniture and then sometimes if he is feeling really brave he will turn to me and take a few steps and then fall forward.
I am excited for him to start moving on his own. I think he will be so much happier once he is really mobile.

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mumovearls said...

Hey... Ok... ok... Your wish is my command! Spider costume made! What size is he wearing right now? Of coarse I'll make his costume! Nothing is to much for my sweet baby Tayden! give him a kiss from me!