Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Secret Identities

So these are some of the costumes that we dressed up as for Halloween. Myca didn't want to post because she thought that she was my SIDEKICK! She wasn't my side kick she was my Secret Lover. Well Boston and Tayden were the Tag Team to beat and that's how we destroyed the neighborhood. I haven't been on here in awhile so I figured Bored+Work=Blog time. So many things have gone on in our lives and some many blessings have come down the pipe for us it really is amazing an t the things the lord has in store for his children. I cant wait to start with the police dept on the first. I went down to the Police station and they gave me all my ISSUE and as I was loading it into my bag and it felt like I was in a candy store. I have since put my stuff on just to see how it felt. I'm sure some of the real thing will be posted when I'm sworn in. i have been running 2 miles a day and now have pushed my self on some of the cross training for the strength. It feels like Basic for the Army. Well that all i have for now. Peace J


Erik and Marcie + 2 said...

Congrats Jared! I can't believe you're going to be a cop!

lysh said...

I'm not surprised you put your uniform on already. Come on you know you have always been in to "dress up" time. I am really excited for you to start work. You have wanted this for a long time. I am proud of you for hitting the pavement running.