Thursday, November 20, 2008

Has It Really Been a Year?

Ok so I know that Tayden turns 1 in just a week and I will be posting about him then, but I thought that since it is probably going to be a huge post (since his birthday is on Thanksgiving) I would break it up and give a little update now. So our little guy isn't so little anymore. He has just about mastered the whole walking thing....and is almost using it has his choice mode of transportation. He will spend all day pulling himself up and then walking into the kitchen...then to the front door....back the the family room.....back to the kitchen....He just walks all over the place till he falls....then he starts all over again. He loves real food and is starting to need his bottle less and less.
He has gotten 3 more teeth in just the last the count is 7 now. He has become a little bit feisty these days and he will let you know all about it. If you take something from him or if Boston is bugging him he yells...not screams or crys....he yells like he trying to say, "Hey! I wanted that...." It is so funny. He knows how to wave bye and it is so darn cute....whenever I walk up the stairs to put him down for a nap he starts waving bye cause he knows I'm going to leave him. He has pretty much switched over to one nap a day...I keep him up till like 12:30 or 1:00 and he will sleep for a good 3 or 4 hours. It's nice. He hasn't added any more words to his vocab, but he definitely knows Dada now and who he is. He is such a daddy's boy.
He did the funniest thing to me at Walmart yesterday. I was getting him into his carseat and I had the keys in my mouth....of course he reached up and grabbed them from me, but instead of taking them away I just let him keep them. I closed the door and went back to the cart to get Boston and BEEP....the car doors locked with Tayden in the car with the keys. HOLY CRAP.....then I hear beep again...I start to panic wondering how I am going to get in the car and then I hear beep beep.....I run to grab the door before he can lock it again and beep....I wasn't fast enough. I must have looked so stupid. Beep beep, I jump for the door and get it open before the little monkey can lock it again. Thank heavens...I was so lucky he managed to hit the unlock button. Boston was laughing at me running to the door...he thought it was great.
Well I guess that's all for now...I will have more to come after his actual birthday and his 12 month Dr.'s appointment. Here is a picture from when he was just 2 week old. I can't believe it's been a year.


Kristy said...

Thanks Myca. We're currently deciding if we can leave earlier or not, and if it's easier just to drive straight through. But thanks for offering your house, I'll call you if we decide to crash.


mumovearls said...

Ha that's so funny! I've had to learn the hard way and call 911 to have my child unlocked... Remember!-Nena

lysh said...

I love that cute little Tayden too! What a sweetheart.