Saturday, November 22, 2008


I went with a big group of fun girls last night the the movie Twilight. First it was so fun to be able to leave the kids and just hang with a bunch of girls....Summer(Rob's wife...Rob is Jared's good friend from high school) ended up coming with me at the last minute and we had such a blast.

Anyway back to the point...I went into the movie fully expecting that it would not do the book justice. Well it didn't, but that's not to say I didn't like it. I still thought it was good just because I absolutely love the story. I just thought that it jumped around a little bit to get all the important parts in. If someone was seeing the movie without reading the book they might have been really disappointed...or wondered what all the hype was about...but becaues I had read the books I could fill in the parts that they left out. I wonder now if Jared will totally think the movie (or more so the story) is stupid you know? I loved who they cast for Bella....she was perfect, and Edward actually really grew on me...I thought he was pretty perfect by the end of the night. For the other characters...I just didn't think they were beautiful enough. I totally agree with Aunt Peggy on her blog. The other vampires are supposed to be like the most gorgeous people ever, and they just didn't quite cut it for me....Rosalie wasn't pretty enough...Jasper not so much...what was with his hair....Carlisle, Esme, um....I don't know I just think for the people they cast as the Cullens they could have done so much better. I also kinda thought the special effects were not so great, BUT with that being said I still liked it. I am hoping that the next movies to come wil just get better and know they will have the money to improve. AND let the movies be 3 hours long if they need to be to get in all the important parts of the story...look at Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings...come on people. Well I hope I am not being misunderstood...I liked the movie...I just wish it could have been as good as the book.

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