Friday, December 26, 2008

Dashing Through the Snow....

Christmas eve and morning really turned out to be so much fun. I think this was the first year that Boston really understood and got the whole idea of Christmas. He was so excited to open presents. Christmas eve we had an awesome dinner and then we sang some songs, attempted to do the nativity, and let the kids do their exchange. I think they were all way more excited to do their exchange then they actually were on Christmas morning. Keaton and Boston gave each other light sabers (yes we planned it) and I think that was Boston's favorite gift of anything he got. We got up the next morning and did stockings and gifts, and then headed out to Frogley's again where we had breakfast and did the exchange between the adults. Overall it was really fun and great to watch Boston get so into everything. Tayden didn't really get what was going on obviously and to top it off he is teething or something cause he walk around all night and morning crying. His little cheeks were all red and he was drooling like crazy so that is my only explanation. Anyway we had such a good Christmas....of course it stunk having to leave that afternoon and got to work, but that's life.
Here are some pictures...Some of the lovely ladies....
This is what Tayden looked like and acted like all night....look at that face.
Miss Jenny and myself....this girl just had TWINS and she looks amazing....sickening.
Here are her two little ones. Deacon is on the left and Reese is on the cute.

Heidi....she is just so gorgeous. The girl cracks me up all the time.

Kole just hanging out having some food. He thought he was big stuff sitting at that table.
Here are all the older grandkids waiting to do their exchange.

Christmas morning....the boys opening their gifts. Boston was so funny...if his present was something other than a really cool toy he would be like, "oh this must be for Tayden..." or "Cool...what is!" and chuck it over his shoulder. I was dying.


Anna Beal said...

Pink cheeks? Did he get 5ths Disease? Its been going around. My sister's little guy got it somehow. Merry Christmas!

da Bergs said...

Omigosh, this was so fun to see all these pictures!!!!