Monday, December 29, 2008

Just Checkin In...

So I just thought I would give a quick update of the happenings around here. It snowed and snowed like crazy....only to have in rain and warm up....and all melt away. I was seriously shocked at the blizzard weather we had and the inches we got! In the same breath I am really shocked that it could all melt away so fast.
Tayden is now RUNNING and can get up in the middle of the floor. He is so funny. If you say, "run Tayden" he makes this crazy man face, sticks his head forward and his arms back like he is flying and runs like crazy. I swear he looks like he is getting skinnier and skinnier everyday. I don't know if it's cause he is so active or because he just can't eat enough to keep up, but the little guy has no more chubs. He has become quite the scrapper and if Boston bugs him or gets in his face he will full on smack him one...and he goes for the face. It's funny too cause I think he has a little jealous streak...if Boston is sitting with one of us Tayden will come over yellin at him and pull on his shirt and try and hit him. If you pull him up to sit with us he still just tries to get Boston away...then the second Boston actually gets down Tayden is fine and will get down too....oh but if he sees Boston try to go back he runs right back over to us and starts yelling and pullin on Boston. It is so funny. It's not like he wants to be sitting with us...he just doesn't want Boston sitting with us....and he is very vocal about it.
He is still a little cuddler...I don't ever remember Boston laying his head on my chest or shoulder at this age, but Tayden does it daily...and usually more than once. He just loves to give loves.
Boston has really been such a good boy these days I have been really impressed. I have noticed that as I have tried to be really patient with him he in turn has become much more patient himself. He will actually sit and wait for things (sometimes) and has not been as naggy. It has been such a reliefe to see him maturing that way. I guess that's all with my boys. Jared leaves on Monday for POST academy. I am not looking forward to having him gone, but I have had way worse. That's all for now...

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