Friday, February 13, 2009

Extra Peanut Butter, Light On The Jelly, and Hold The Crust

Tayden has become quite the eater....I just can't feed him enough. If I plan to go any where or do anything with this child I better have food and snacks in hand...seriously. I have discovered that he is crazy about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. When lunch time roles around he goes over to the pantry and will point up to the peanut butter and yell. So I will stick him in his chair so I can make him a sandwich and he will yell the WHOLE time I am making it for him...I just am not quick enough for him I guess. I usually cut the crust off, and cut it into four squares. I used to feed it to him, but now he likes to take one square at a time and hold it himself. He gobbles the whole thing down so fast....his side of choice these days is applesauce to go along with his sandwich. The funniest part is the noise he makes with every bite he takes...he smacks his little lips and mouth when the peanut butter sticks to the roof of his mouth. It is pretty cute.


Jeff and Megan said...

How adorable! You better be careful with the peanut butter's still all recalled! : )

Anna Beal said...

That is so cute! My Dejah also LOVES PBJ's...she would eat them EVERY meal if I let her.

mumovearls said...

ok He is as Cute as a little Bug! Can't believe at how big he has gotten! Give those boys a kiss from auntie!-n