Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Little Girl?

Ok don't let the title of this post fool I am not pregnant...I am not having a little girl...yes I would love one or two...and hopefully before I have another little boy...but I am not pregnant. Now that we have cleared the air...Boston doesn't seem to mind the idea of having a little girl or sister around either. Actually it seems to be on his mind quite frequently these days. So I am sitting in the car with the boys the other day and we get on the topic of me having more children and our conversation was as follows:
Boston: " I think we should have a little girl next...yeah a sister."
Me: "Oh you think it would be nice to have a little sister?"
Boston: "Yeah...but she can just play with Tayden." he likes the idea of having a little sister, but she might not be cool enough to play with Boston...just Tayden. Then today Jared told me that while they were at church (I was at work) they had the following conversation:
Boston: "I want my granola bar dad..."
Jared: Hands the bar to him..."ok here you go..."
Boston: "Oh's the red kind (chocolate chip)...I love the red kind."
Jared: "Oh good..."
Boston: "I don't like the purple kind (oatmeal raisin) dad...when we have a little sister she can have all the purple granola bars ok?" "Tayden can have the orange ones. I can have the red ones. And our sister can have the purple ones..."
Like I said before...he seems to be set on the fact that we need to have a girl...and he is ok with that...but she can only play with Tayden and she has to eat the sucky purple granola bars that Boston doesn't like. Sounds like a plan Boston....he is a funny little man.


Mandi said...

Whoa, you scared me! I was just thinking..."well, we won't be pregnant together this time!" Ha. Sounds good, you guys can have a girl next, and we'll have a boy! Deal?

Tom Earl said...

That kid is way too funny!

Allison McDonald said...

Hey Myca, I'm a friend of Jared's from highschool and occasionally i drop by your blog, I can always count on a giggle or two when I read about Boston.

..anyways, I was reading your post about the ninja moves. And it made me think of this (my video monitor).... I cannot live without mine, it is worth every stinkin penny I spent on it. Totally solves the problem of wondering if they are asleep or what they're up to.

(hope this link works, might have to cut and paste it???)

jenae waters said...

Okay so I totally think little kids are more in tune with spirit than we are. Maybe he was trying to tell you something. :) Hey I was wondering if I could have your new address. If you can send it to me that would be awesome. My email is

Ritchies said...

that's hilarious, at least he didn't become fascinated with naming the unborn child. Our girls were convinced we should have named Myles and Jace Junior High Ritchie. When ever we asked that was the name that was suggested. Kids...good times!