Sunday, March 01, 2009

No Pictures...

Man, I am in a blogging funk...we had a great weekend, but I don't have any pictures to post....I told myself all week that I needed to take pictures, but I never ended up doing it. Maybe it was cause there really wasn't anything to take pictures of...other than me and some of my fam sitting around, but still it is nice to show that they were here....oh well. I am a slacker.
So we were all supposed to go to Vegas this weekend for Alysha's birthday cause she actually had the weekend of. The closer it got to the weekend though we quickly realized that there were no places to stay and it was going to be nearly impossible for my parents and Brandon (who all would be flying stand by) to get into or out of Vegas. Why you ask? One word...NASCAR. Who likes NASCAR anyway? So plans changed....Collin and Mandi ended up continuing on to Vegas without us (so jealous) cause they already had real tickets....and my parents and Alysha and Brandon ended up coming to Boise to hang last minute. Here are some of the highlight from the weekend.

-Jared got to come home for 3 hours on Thursday night to hang and eat...that has never happened in the whole 10 weeks he has been was nice.

-Alysha and I had a sister slumber party in my room on Thursday night cause we were both husbandless....we stayed up late talking and laughing....mainly about my brown tooth I had growing up...hahaha that is so funny...I can't believe I almost forgot about those years. Thanks Lysh.

-I still can't walk quite right from doing that blasted P90X with Alysha on Friday morning. It feels good to feel like I worked out my legs really good though...

-Lysh and my mom got their hair done on Friday morning. We ate some really good food. We watched Taken which is still in the theater, but my dad some how got a copy of it. Man, it was really good.

-My boys are attention hogs when it comes to Jared...and Boston is now ADDICTED to the games on Jared's Iphone. I don't think I have ever seen my child sit so quitely in one place for that long...and he is really good at the games. It's so cute to watch him, but I think we may have created a monster...I already had to set rules about when he can and can't play the in church. Seriously.

-I basically love anytime I get with any of my family. I love you mom and is always nice to have you here....and for Alysha and Brandon...the upstairs "suite" is yours as soon as you decided to move here already...FREE RENT is all I can say!

I guess that is all for weekend is the girls weekend...I am so excited. Brandon is going to come down and hang with Jared here so he won't be bored all by his lonesome....Only two more weeks and Jared will be home! Yea!


Kimmy said...

I'm so glad you had such a fun weekend. I love being with family...isn't it the best?! Sorry I didn't get to see you guys, but TOTALLY looking forward to next weekend. That's cool that Brandon is going to come up and hang with Jared.

Tom Earl said...

Love hangin at your house! I think that it is a great meeting place! You make it easy! We love you!

Hokie Family said...

Thanks for your sweet comments. Yes i remember you. Boys are so fun. I'm actually scared to have a girl. We've kind of got the boy thing down. Your family pictures turned out so cute.

lysh said...

Find my husband a job! :) Our home is open to you! What you're too good for a one bedroom apartment?!