Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another update.

So I finally decided that I needed to call the Dr. about Boston and just see what he thought...of course after hearing his symptoms they told me they wanted to see him right away. I took him into the Dr. and he told me that his symptoms could be signs for many things like diabetes, thyroid problems, leukemia, or just a virus. They drew his blood, and I was so proud of Boston....he only cried a little bit and he held really still. He was so brave. The good news is that they got the results back and everything looked pretty normal. The only thing he noticed was that his BUN was elevated which means that he is he thinks that Boston probably picked up whatever Tayden and all of us had and that is why he is sleeping so much and so lethargic. He was still a little concerned about the weight loss, but he said that could be water weight loss or just a decrease in his appetite from being sick. Yea! We just need to watch him and make sure he turns the corner and gets back to acting a little more normal....oh yeah....and keep feeding the little guy! I'm so glad it wasn't something more serious....I didn't want to over react about what was going on with him, but on the other hand I didn't want to overlook something that could be serious. I would rather be safe than sorry...have him checked just to be sure it wasn't early signs of diabetes or something like that.
Speaking of sick little boys...Tayden is acting much better and is back to his normal spunky little self. His newest thing is that he knows he's not supposed to do things like touch the controls to the TV or turn the bathtub on in my bathroom. I usually tell him "NO" and smack his little hand when he does things like that...well yesterday when I was getting ready in my bathroom he walked over to the bathtub and stuck his hand on the handle and looked over at me to see if I was watching him. I looked at him and said, "No Tayden..." He then smiled, turned on the water, and then reached his little hand out to me, palm down, so that I could smack it. What a little stinker! It is kinda funny though.
I have also been teaching him some animals sounds. He has pretty much got a dog, cow and lion down...with some help. It is so cute...when I ask him what a cow says I say "Mooooo" and then he sticks his little lips out and scrunches his nose and says, "Mmmmm." He can't quite get the moo sound out, but it's close...and it's so cute to watch him try.
That's all for now...I need to take some pictures...maybe sometime this week I will.

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Jason Earl said...

It's good to hear that Boston isn't seriously ill. Since that's the case I would definitely encourage you to use Carnation Instant Breakfast over Ensure to put some weight on him.

I mean, seriously, have you tasted Ensure? Personally, I'd rather eat the can it comes in.