Monday, March 09, 2009

Earl Girl Weekend.

So the weekend was a total blast. I drove up to Utah with September, Crystal, and Heidi which made the drive totally fun. They dropped me off and made there way to Salt Lake and immediately the party started. We all stayed at the same we had 14 girls and 3 babies. Most of us managed to leave our kiddos at home. We had everyone there (except minus a few of the sister-in-laws who we totally missed) and it made it so fun to stay at the same place together. The first night we ended up eating at MiMi's cafe since it was like a 2 hour wait every where else. Then we went home and stayed up late talking and laughing. Seriously my face hurt from laughing so hard. Then we got up on Saturday and went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch. That night we hung out and played some games. It was so much fun to be with all my cousins that I grew up brought back so many memories of when we were younger. It is so crazy to see where all our lives have taken us...I love it that we can pick up from where we left off and just have a blast. Even if it has been years since we have been together. I love all my girls. So here is the whole group.

Our little group of four...this was our little click. We were always together for sleep overs.
These were the younger girls....haha even though they really aren't so young compared to us weird how it doesn't matter once you are all over a certain age.

We did a lot of this...just hanging out. I loved it.

Cuddling up on the couch to get warm...we had like ten of us on that one sectional. We don't mind being close.

Me and Lysha outside the place we stayed....not a very good picture of the house, but nice one of us...

The "twin" shot. Everyone used to say that me and Kim really looked a like when we were growing we had to take a picture to see....what do you think?
The group at dinner...not the best picture of everyone but it was cool that they got us one big table.

In true Earl girl fashion....vogue. Model pose everyone.

I totally wasn't ready to leave. We had so much fun. It was funny though cause on the way home we got pulled over (Crystal was driving) going 14 over the speed limit by an Idaho State Patrol. Not only were we speeding but Crystal didn't have her renewed insurance in the car...the officer took all of our ID's and he must of ran mine because he came back and was like
"Do you know an Officer Jared Frogley..." and we were like "Yeah that's my husband and her brother..."and he was like, "So you probably know Detective Frogley as well..." and Crystal was like, "yeah that's my dad..." So he said, "So don't you think you should know better.." Hahaha it was funny cause he let us ticket for speeding or for the insurance. Gotta love that.
I came home to some sweet sick little boys...both had a temp of 101. They were so cuddly and sweet and I just wanted to hug them all day. I really did miss them. Of course I missed my sweet husband too. Now I am back into the swing of things....Jared graduates on Friday. Yea!


Anna Beal said...

That looked like tons of fun! I'm sure you had a blast! Now with the twin thing...I don't really see it, but I'm sure you looked more alike growing up :) And...Lucky break on the ticket thing! Congrats to Jared too! (Ok that was all random)

Peggy Dee said...

Man that looks like fun. You are going to have to keep the next one top secret to keep us all from crashing! We need to get a picture of you and Kylie because I think you two look alike. She reminds me of you so many times! It cracks me up. Glad you had fun...

Mandi said...

Wish we could be there for J's graduation. Tell him we are proud of him. Looks like an awesome weekend. I will totally be there next time!

Kimmy said...

The look-a-like are much cuter!!!