Friday, March 13, 2009

So Official.

Today Jared graduated from POST and was sworn in as an officer for Boise City Police Department. Yea!! He is done....kinda. So the morning started out kinda crazy. I ended up rushing Tayden over to the Dr. for them to see us quickly before we had to be over to the graduation. He just was acting so miserable...well it all makes sense now. He has a double ear infection and basically the equivalent of strep throat for an infant. I feel so bad for the little guy. Hopefully once the meds kick in he will get to feeling better.
Then we headed over to the ceremony. It was really awesome to see Jared up there in uniform. His dad was there to hand him is certificate. It was a really proud moment for me and the whole family I think. Tayden was not really feelin the whole "sit and be quite" thing so Becky ended up standing with him through the whole thing. He fell asleep on her shoulder which is so not like him, and Boston fell asleep on my lap. What is the deal with my boys? Once the whole thing was over we headed over to Goodwood for lunch. All I can say is that this was a very special day for Jared. He has waited a long time for this and his hard work has paid off. Way to go babe.
Oh and p.s. Jared did get another letter from the FBI..did I already mention that? They set up another time for him to test, but it is in Montana. I don't know if he will be able to to make it there or not cause it's right in the middle of the week. I guess we will see what happens with that. The timing just might not be right...Anyway here are a few pictures from today.

Two generations of Frogley Police officers....pretty cool.

During the ceremony....Jared looks so serious and tough.
Being sworn in and getting his certificate.
Our poor boys...they look tired and hungry...which they were.
I was trying to be funny in this picture, but I ended up just looking kinda stupid. Oh well.


Samantha said...

That is so awesome. Don't you just think your husband is so cute when they are doing what they do? And yours has a uniform! That's so cool.

Mandi said...

YAAAAAAY! Congrats Jared. We are so proud of you! You are a stud, and we can't wait to see you!

Nick and Kristen Honeycutt said...

Congrats! We are so proud of you Jared!!! That uniform looks great on you. Nick is still talking about when we're going to schedule his ride along, haha.

Ariel said...

Congrats to Jared and you too! That is so great!

Tom Earl said...

Congrats! We love you all!

Da Bergs said...

YEAH!!!! CONGRATS!!!! Great pictures!!!

Harry and Jill said...

Tell Jared congrats and I hope Tayden feels better soon. I'm glad someone in the Frogley family keeps their blog updated. Tell September it's time to post some new pics.

Yellowstone Partners, LLC said...

Congrats Jared! So I guess if we ever make it back to Boise I can speed (and domestically abuse my wife) all I want.