Monday, April 20, 2009

Moses Lake.

We made a quick trip down to Moses this weekend for Ryan and Nena's birthdays and Zaymes's baptism. I didn't take any pictures...I don't know why every time I go down there I end up returning with zero pictures. Maybe it's because every picture would look the running around like crazy....too fast to even capture the moment...and adults sitting and eating or visting. That is what our weekend usually consists of...and I love it. We had a really good was way too short. I always love to see my parents and I especially love to see Ryan, Jared, and Corbin together. They are hilarious together. I could just sit and laugh at them all day. Plus I love getting to sit and talk with my brothers (we missed you collin and Mandi). It is always nice to listen to Corbin tell me about his drama filled life, and I just love visting with Ryan. It is so amazing to see what an awesome father and husband he has become. He is such a good example to me and I just love him so much. Anyway back to the weekend....Friday was Nena's birthday and we were going to eat at Dana's for lunch for her birthday before Alysha had to leave, but Nena already had plans with some friends so we picked up lunch and took it over to Ryan's to eat there. That night we went to see the Stake's production of Beauty and the Beast on Friday night. It was actually really fun and entertaining. They did a good job. Saturday we had Zaymes's baptism and then hot fudge sundays....yummy. I can't believe Zaymes is 8! We left early Sunday morning....and now part of me wishes we had stayed for Ryan's birthday. What do ya do though....
I just have to say that part of the drive Boston was hilarious. He was Mr. chatty know it all. This is what he was saying...
B: "Did you know that we have skeletons in our bodies that are made of bones mom?"
M: "Yeah I did know that Boston..."
B: "And did you know that if we didn't have skeletons or bones we wouldn't be able to move or walk or talk?"
B:"And did you know that flowers need the sunlight to grow mom?"
M:"Yeah I did know that too..."
B:"Did you know that flowers will move and shift to follow the sun so that they can grow really big?"
M:" Wow Boston you are so smart....where did you learn all this stuff..."
B:" Um...just in preschool mom."
Maybe he does really listen. :)


Anna Beal said...

Sounds like another fun trip with the Fam!

Peggy Dee said...

I can't believe I missed seeing you guys! We were also at the play and I didn't even see you then - ugh. We felt bad that we didn't make it to the baptism but I didn't realize you guys were all partying away. We had to go to a reception and then headed home fairly early to work on our lessons for the next day. Man, we really missed out! When there is a major Tom Earl party going on - we may need a phone call telling us to hightail it over... Sorry we missed you!

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Sounds like fun! Miss seeing you all together. Ilove it when kids get to that stage of telling you all th ethings that they have 'figured out' Cute Boston!

Kimmy said...

Yeah, our family time consists of pretty much the same playing, us visiting and eating. It doesn't get much better than that.