Thursday, April 16, 2009

There is hope.

Things may be looking a little brighter these days for my little Boston man. We decided to lay down the law and get serious about what Boston eats....because let's face it, it obviously was affecting not only his health and his weight, but his teeth as well. So we decided no more are the days of making a separate meal for Boston to eat, or letting him eat whatever he wants just so he will be getting something in his little body. He will now be eating what we eat or he will go hungry. We started this new "law" this week and he as done amazingly well. He ate sloppy joes one day, loaded quesadillas, and a whole peanut butter and jelly sandwich one day for lunch. I have also been giving him bananas, yogurt, carrots....this may sound like nothing...or like normal foods that kids would like, but you don't understand. Boston literally eats nothing. He usually won't even try something new. So I am very proud of my little man. I know if he can learn to try new things and eat things that are better for him (or eat anything at all) we will all be much happier.
Oh and one more thing. We talked to another dentist and he assured us that the work on Boston's teeth does need to be done, but we have decided to try it in the office (this will probably save us 1500.00 separate from what we will spend for his dental work). They will give him valium which will make him really relaxed and tired and then see how it goes. I actually think he is going to do ok. I feel a little better about the situation...only a little though :) .


Anna Beal said...

I think the fact that they could get a "peek" at his teeth AND xrays is a really good sign that he will do ok. When I was a kid I liked listening to you could also try taking him an ipod to drown out the sound of the drill. He also has such little teeth that there probably won't be tons of drilling. Good luck Myca. I can't even get Dejah to even open her mouth for the Ped Dentist and she is going on 5!! That nut!

Kimmy said...

He'll do just fine at the dentist. They have all sorts of tricks up there sleeves to get kids to cooperate and feel comfortable. Plus, the valium will can also try nitrous.

As I've told you before, Elsie is also the pickiest eater ever. I don't know if it's the point where I need to start laying down the "law". She still seems so young...I don't think she's really get it. I'm glad to hear it's working though!

Cali said...

I've had to have 2 of my kids "put under" for dental work...I felt like such a carnie mom for their teeth to be that bad! Forget "college funds", my kids need "dental funds". I feel your pain.