Thursday, May 28, 2009

What's New?

Man, I am so lame...I haven't taken any new pictures in forever. I have a few things that are going on that I don't want to forget to write about so here is my list for the week....I love lists.

1. I just starting training for a marathon. Yes, you read correctly a MARATHON. Yes, I am crazy. I did not have a strong desire to run one....I was just fine with the half marathons I have run, but September really wanted to do one before we have another kid. September was like, "I really want to do one, and I can't do it without you. You are my running have to do it with me." So I know that if there was something I really wanted September to do with me she would do it. So there it is. I have been getting up EARLY before Jared leaves for work (at like 6 am) and doing my short runs during the week, and then on the weekend we (me and september and some other girls) have been meeting up early at like 7:30 and doing our long runs before it gets hot. It is going ok so far...some days are good, and some days I despise running.

2. We road our bikes with the boys in the bike trailor over to TCBY the other day and met up with some of the couples from our ward again. It was so much fun. I am really liking getting to know all these fun couples. It is great. My butt bones are still sore from that ride. I pulled the boys by the way....what was supposed to be a leisurely bike ride turned out to be quite the workout. It was fun though.

3. I got a babysitter yesterday and went with Christy and Amy to get pedicures. It was so nice. I don't get pedicures too often cause they are so expensive here, but since my birthday is Monday and Christy's was last Monday we decided it was well deserved. When we finished getting our toes done, Amy treated us to Gandolpho's. Isn't that so sweet? I had never eaten there before, but it was so good. Thanks Christy and Amy to a nice break, great visiting, yummy food, and some relaxation.

4. Boston had his last day of preschool today. Man the time as flown by. His graduation is on Tuesday night (they just changed it from the morning to evening) so I am not sure I can get out of work to be there. I guess at least he has another year of preschool and another graduation next year right? I will send Jared and hope that he can get some good pictures...I am pretty sure none of Boston's teachers have met Jared yet. I guess they will now.

Anyway I guess that is all for now. Man I need to take some pictures. I feel like the craziness of summer is already beginning to set in. We have a lot of stuff going on this summer!

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Kim said...

Good luck with the marathon! I thought one day I'd do one, but with my knees so perilously close to needing surgery, I don't think I want to chance it!