Sunday, June 07, 2009

Almost forgot.

Ok so I forgot to mention a few things....had lots of family in town this weekend for Jared's little surprise. It was so parents, Ryan and the boys, Cobin and Brandon. I love it when I have family in town.

The other night our new friends took me and Jared out to dinner for our birthdays. It was so much fun...the highlight of the night was Gabe singing some sweet karaoke. I am glad my husband is not the only one that would get up in front of a huge group of people for a good laugh.
Thanks guys...we had so much fun.

These boys are trouble together. :)
Me. Christy, Amber, and Amy. I love these girls...they are all so sweet.

Oh and P.S.....for all of those who think that I made Jared's birthday cake...hahaha you should know better. I don't have cake skills. September's cousin Jennifer made it for me. She is amazing....and what's even better about it, is that the cake TASTES amazing too. Chocolate cake with real creamcheese frosting.

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