Thursday, August 20, 2009


Ok so here are some of the pictures from the time that we were at the reunion. I have to say that we probably missed out on the best part of the reunion because we had to leave early. The Bates group put on an awesome game of amazing race. I am so sad we missed.....Anyway we had a great time and I don't know how any of us will top this year's reunion.

Some of the amazing gorgeous girls from the David Earl family during the lip sync.

Brandon embracing his lead role. Man he was hilarious.

Corbin with his beautiful back up dancers. Hahaha that was pretty fun.

Look at these gorgeous girls...I remember when they were born! That is so weird!

I heart these two people. Some of my very favorite.

We were shocked at the end of the David Earl family's lip sync when trevor got down on one knee with a ring pop and kristy held up a sign that said, "I said yes!" Their lip sync song was "I heard it through the grapevine."

Jared's sweet performance...right up there with brandons.

Same with Jordan too!

I loved the Doug Earl groups are the two prego's bustin loose.

All the first might miss me on the end...I am the midget on the end being swallowed up by Brandon....

Our lovely Tom Earl family picture.
I am so sad it is already over. I can't wait to see what David and Peggy's group comes up with for the next time around!


Alli Blue said...

That looks like the craziest family reunion ever! :)

angie said...

Oh myca are one of my favorites too! I'm so sad you guys had to miss the race, but glad we got the time that we did with you. Love you.

Peggy Dee said...

It was so fun being with everyone. We were so sad to see you go. Can't wait to do it again! We are so blessed!!

Ty and Dani said...

Oh my goodness! It looks like you guys all had a blast! Such fun times... it makes me wish I were an earl.

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

That looks like a rockin time! There is no family quite like the Earl's! I love you all!