Tuesday, August 18, 2009


My boys are so different. I don't ever remember when Boston was little feeling like I couldn't leave him alone because he would get into things he wasn't supposed to or do things he knew I wouldn't be happy with.
Tayden is the COMPLETE opposite. I can't leave him for one second. He has gotten so mischievous and naughty. His newest thing is to go into the office and climb up at the desk and push every button he can get his tiny little fingers on. It's either that or when he is eating I can't leave him alone. It's like he has reverted back to how a 9 month old would eat....grabbing things with his hands (when he knows how to use utensils), throwing food, wiping it every where (including on himself)...oh and I can't forget that when he's done he likes to clear the table....which means I have already lost 1 glass bowl and two plates. Man I need to get some plastic stuff.
Anyway I left this little monster the other day to eat his favorite snack (which happens to be yogurt)....and I came back to this.

These pictures don't even do it justice....he had it EVERY WHERE. In his hair, on his shirt, on the chair and wall behind him, on the table. It was like he was having a creative art painting day in our kitchen.

Yeah you might notice the spoon in his LEFT hand....made it so much more efficient for him to grab handfuls of yogurt with his dominant to spread all over the place.

I still can't be angry at a sweet face like this...although Tayden....I am so tired of cleaning up the kitchen! :)


Elizabeth Cranmer said...

I hear ya! That is Seger to a 't' at our house!! Those messy messy boys!

Christy Beal said...

I feel your pain! But how can you be mad at such a cute little guy??? I could seriously just squeeze him up!