Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Labor Day Weekend.

For Labor day weekend we went as a group, the whole Frogley family and the Dilgard family up to the Oregon coast. I had never been so I was so excited. We rented a HUGE beach house that sat right on the beach. It was so fun and relaxing to be right there on the ocean. I loved it!
The first day we got there the kids jumped out of the car and ran straight down (the 177 stairs) to the ocean. They were soaked and covered in sand before I even knew it. The water was freezing and the weather wasn't very warm (I think the highest it got was 60 something) but we still had so much fun. The second day after we all got up and went for a run on the beach we came back and played in the sand and the ocean. I got ALL the way in with September and Hailey. Someone took pictures so we have proof that we did it! It was so funny....we were screaming like a bunch of little was so cold. The third day we went to the Tillamook cheese factory. It was packed! I couldn't believe how many people were there.
Overall the weekend went way too fast. We enjoyed lounging around and visiting with everyone. The ocean was so beautiful and we couldn't have picked a better place to stay....I am already looking forward to the next time we plan a trip there!

Here is the view from our house. We had an awesome balcony/porch with a hot tub that the kids loved.

Here is our place...a shot I took from down on the beach.

Boston was so excited about the water...which is a first for him. He is usually so timid about water, but this summer he has finally become brave enough to get in and play.

Tayden on the beach...his little sick eyes...I should have taken him to the doctor before we left. Luckily he started feeling better towards the end of the trip.

Maili and Taya playing in the sand.

Kole and Tayden playing in the sand...Tayden loved the sand. He kept grabbing handfuls and throwing it all over the plae.
Little miss Sienna walking like a champ.

Haha...ok so this picture was the start of the "jumping picture" frenzy.

This was so funny...all the sisters lining up for the "jump" shot. We took so many of these and we were laughing SO hard!

Haha this picture is funny...there was a series of pictures on my camera of me looking like this...Hailey was messing with my camera and I didn't realize she was actually taking pictures...what am I doing you might ask? Oh probably some sweet robot moves :)

My gorgeous model on the is sicken that she is so photogenic.

The newly weds.

Nathan and Hailey's group...I took a few more family pictures for them.

Another model shot....oh yeah...

Travis and Septembers group.

Brandon and Jenny...missing something? Yep...their three little ones I think they were in bed.

Nathan and Hailey enjoying a little smooch in the sunset.

Can we go back? Now? I need another vacation already :)
I just noticed I have zero pictures of me and my little family...I guess that's what happens when your the one always taking the pictures! I better get some next time!


Nathan and Hailey Frogley said...

I was going to ask you if you wanted me to take some of your family... it's sad when you are behind the camera and then you never have pictures of yourself!

Alli Blue said...

What a great vacation!