Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Construction Workers.

I am about ready to kill someone. They have been outside my house since 9:00 this morning jackhammering the freaking cement. I have been trying to sleep seeing that I have to go back to work tonight. It is now 2:00...and I am about ready to lose it. The tears have already been shed...and now there is just rage. Seriously I am going to take that freaking jackhammer to their heads...


Christy Beal said...

i am not kidding you...i just came down to blog how full of rage i am at the construction that is preventing my sick over tired child from napping!!!!! And me :) We are too tired to skip naps during the day! I pray for nap time to roll around!!! and now this. seriously.

The worst part is every room in my house rattles with their every move. All the bedroom windows face the street!

Dang HOA. They do nothing for us all year and then this is their gift. splendid.

People Know Me said...

I already mocked you for this moo. but you're silly. bam