Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tayden Is 2!!

I can't believe my little Tayden man is already 2! It is crazy how fast the time has gone by. Tayden is such a funny little guy. He has so much spicy personality it cracks me it. He is a tiny little ball of energy that never stops going! He spends most of the day RUNNING around the house...usually back and forth between the living room and family room. We call him twinkle toes sometimes because he shrugs up his little shoulders and makes this really funny face and then runs really fast up on his toes. He has also added galloping to his running agenda as well. It is so cute. He is talking more and more every day. His newest thing is that instead of shaking his head yes to things that he wants he actually says "yep" to everything...not "yeah" or "yes" it's "yep." Whenever I tell him I love him instead of saying "love you" back to me he says, "amo" in spanish instead. He still loves to give knuckles to every one but now he does it with a little more power and actually says, "boom" when he does it. I love it...the funniest thing about him giving knuckles is that he does it when he thinks he's in trouble. Like if Jared says, "no Tayden..." Tayden will look at him and put out his hand for knuckles like, "we're still cool right dad?" It is so cute.
I took Tayden to his 2 year check up last week and he was 27 lbs and 35 inches tall. So he is just a pound shy of being the exact size Boston was when he was 2. Looks like he is starting to catch up. Oh and I can't forget that we were planning on moving Tayden into Boston's room right around the time he turned two. We already had the bed in there and kinda wanted to get him moved and totally used to it before we had the baby in the picture taking his crib. So we tried the other night, and it started out ok, but Boston kept talking to Tayden, and then Tayden got upset. So Jared went up to check on him and walked into the pitch black room and plowed over Tayden not knowing that he had gotten out of bed. Needless to say, it scared the crap out of Tayden, and I thought for sure he wouldn't try sleeping in there again without a fight. Well the next night when we got home from Thanksgiving dinner we were taking the boys up for bed, and Jared asked Tayden if he wanted to sleep with Boston in the big boy bed and Tayden said yep totally excited. So he stuck him in bed, turned out the lights, and not another peep we heard. Both boys went right to bed perfectly. Tayden has slept in there every night since. How easy was that?
Anyway Tayden has been such a joy to have in our home. He keeps us on our toes, and has such a fun and sweet spirit. We love you Tayden and happy birthday.
Oh and p.s. I just have to note that both my boys need haircuts so bad. Their hair is getting so long...but Jared wants to let it grow out. Every one keeps telling me they love Tayden's hair a little longer, and I actually don't mind it that much. Boston on the other hand...I don't even know what to do with his hair. It is so out of control...he looks like a little scrub.

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