Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving And A Birthday!

Man, I am so behind. I feel like I haven't blogged in forever. We had a great weekend filled with Thanksgiving dinner, a celebration for Tayden's birthday, black Friday shopping, and decorating for Christmas. So beware...this is going to be a long post.

Thanksgiving was great and delicious as always. We had SO much food. I think we had like three turkeys there with all the fixings. We got together with all the immediate Frogley's and Dilgards, and a few extra friends. We decided to meet at the church which was a great idea because we had the whole gym set up with plenty of table room and then the nursery for the kids to run around and play in. Some might think that it's not as comfortable or homey that way, but it really was perfect. We stuffed ourselves and then some of the extended Frogley family came for dessert and some games. We even had a pie eating contest....I didn't participate but it was hilarious to watch. We ended the night by singing happy birthday to Tayden. Jared thinks he got jipped because he didn't get his own separate birthday party, but I thought it was fun to have every one there. We had cake and opened a few presents. I will do a separate post for Tayden's 2 years stats and what he is up to these days.
Other than that we got up on Friday (not early...well actually Jared did) and did some shopping in the craziness. We got some pretty good stuff, and then today we got up and got a Christmas tree. We came home and busted out the Christmas music, hot chocolate, and put up all the decorations. It was a great cap to a fun and wonderful weekend.

So here are some of the lovely ladies demonstrating how much food we had.

The pie eating contest....Heidi and Jenny were suckered into doing it. haha. Oh and Keaton wanted to do it...I was impressed with his pie eating skills.

Then we busted out the cake for Tayden...we forgot matches to light the candles. :) oops...

Tayden and of his favorite Uncles. :)

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