Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Love The Snow!

We got tons and tons of snow this last weekend. The boys were dying to get out in it and play. So Sunday after church before I had to go to work Jared suited up with the boys and out they went. They had so much fun....but I definitely need to get them some better snow gear. When they were freezing and all finished playing we all came in and had hot chocolate. I hope we have snow on Christmas...it started to rain today and I think it is melting all the snow away. It better snow again!! Anyway here are a few pictures of the boys playing outside.


angie said...

so cute!

Q had her first experience with snow this morning, and wasn't too impressed. pretty excited about that, because I am not a big "play in the snow" kind of gal. :)

Christy Beal said...

CUTE!!! Brigitte loves the snow too - I hope we get to take her sledding this year. And I swear as we drove up today she pointed at your house and plain as day said "Boston". We should do a playdate so she can say it for real and know who it is!

Hope you are feeling better! Call me if you want that zofran. It saved my life last time!

Anna Beal said...

We LOVED the snow! Alex pulled the girls around on the sled. I hope it comes back soon.