Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Random Happenings.

It has been a while since I have posted anything...I feel like I don't have very many happy or positive things to say so instead of repeatedly writing negative and sad things I just keep them to myself. But here is just a random update.

Boston told Tayden that he could, "go dick around by himself." I about died laughing (I know that is so bad) when I heard him say it....and then I asked him what he had said....and sure enough he repeated himself and told me that he told Tayden he could go "dick around by himself." I told him that it was not ok for him to say that...and then turned to Jared who was laughing and told him that he was really going to have to watch what he says to other people around the boys...cause he obviously didn't say that directly to Boston since he only speaks Spanish to the boys. Potty mouths. :) Kinda funny though.
I have also been working extra hard with Boston and his school work. He is learning so much in preschool it amazes me. I have been going over his letters with him on our own at home and he can recognize all the letters (and tell me most of their sounds) except for 5 of the letters. He is starting to learn to sight read also. It is crazy how fast he is growing up.

Tayden has been talking like CRAZY. This child has so much attitude and spunk it kills me. He is constantly telling me things like, "no...I don't want to..." or "why?" when I tell him to do something. His little voice is so sweet....and I love just listening to him put his sentences together. His newest thing is..."uh oh...what appened?" He tends to leave the "h" sound out. It is so cute. Whenever I tell him to do something (and he actually listens) he comes back to me and reports, "I did it mom" clear as day. So cute.

Jared is doing ok these days. He hasn't had any recent "episodes" with his stomach so we are just pushing that issue to the back burner for now because we really can't afford to see a bunch of specialists or have surgery to remove his gallbladder. I feel for my poor husband...I see him loosing hope and becoming frustrated with his work situation. I know it may sound crazy to some people, but he has so much desire to be in law enforcement and to do that kind of work that I think he is just bummed that nothing is falling into place for him. No one is hiring...except for Boise City. I don't understand how someone who has worked their whole life to be a police officer, and has so much experience and background in that area could NOT be able to get on with a department. I just have so much anger still about the entire situation...I hate that one person could have had so much control over my husband and our families future. I hate it. I just keep hoping and praying that another door or opportuinity will open up for him. I know that he would be amazing at it. And if that's not what he is supposed to do...then I hope we are pointed in the right direction. Because right now we have no clue...this is what he has always planned and prepared to do.

As for myself...well I seemed to be getting bigger by the second. I am feeling good....and just trying to have a good attitude about my schedule. It's hard...but I am lucky that I have a job and work to help carry the burden. I know this won't last forever....I hope. :)
I guess that's all for now.


Samantha said...

Myca, I think you are the strongest girl on the planet. I hope things get better soon. Love you.

Kim said...

Way to keep your chin up, Myca. No one else would be able to handle all this as well as you do!

angie said...

oh myca moo...sorry things suck right now....just keep smiling. I love you guys!

Christy Beal said...

Youre doing amazing. Seriously, I think we need to up the stress relief in your life. More hanging out is in order! Do you want to do baby boy crafts? I have no idea what to make but Im SURE we can find something cute for the nursery to waste some time on! We shoudl take you to go register! Its like free shopping! In fact, Ill register too just for fun.

Peggy Dee said...

Hang in there and try to keep focusing on the positive. You are doing a great job and things will work out!

Katie said...

Hang in there!

Anna Beal said...

Our hubbys really need to watch what they say around the kids. Mine pick up on ALL OF IT!