Monday, April 19, 2010

Sick Boy.

Jared took Tayden to the doc today and sure enough he is a sick little puppy. They said he has a really bad sinus infection and his adnoids are really infected. So they are putting him on an antibiotic. The worst part about it...the doc says no chocolate milk (or milk) till after Sunday. He said that Tayden is having so much trouble coughing up all the mucous and stuff and the milk is making it worse. kid lives off of chocolate milk. That is what he has every single morning when he gets up.

So when the appointment was done Jared gave Tayden some juice instead of milk. He wasn't too stoked about it....He dumped it all over his head.


Christy Beal said...

Oh that boy! Im glad he got on an antibiotic - he sounded so sick at church with his cough! Alicia was out playing with your boys tonight and Brigitte of course had to run over there so we chatted a minute. Its SO GREAT to have her so close by - i can tell she is fantastic! Its always good to have young cute girls move in the ward. we are dwindling in numbers... especially if Amber moves - which I am hoping she doesnt!

Brigitte JUST discovered the joys of chocolate milk. Night and day she begs for it. I cant imagine having to ban it! Good luck with that one ;)

Alli Blue said...

When I first saw this picture I thought it was Boston! I hope he feels better soon, as well as you! Misery loves company right? See you Saturday:)

Anna Beal said...

What a nut! That is so funny. My kids would object too :)