Monday, April 19, 2010


I have had this overwhelming feeling of gratitude and love for my husband more than normal. I really think that I love him more now than the day I married him. I don't know if it has something to do with what we have gone through the last nine months together as a couple, but without sounding cheesey I really feel like my love for him has grown....I will leave it at that cause I don't really feel like I am explaining myself very well.

I am scared to have this baby... but ready to have my body back. I am in pain...constantly.

I met up with September on Friday and we took the kids swimming indoors at the "Y." They loved it. Boston is finally at an age where he isn't scared of the water and will go under and "swim" around and Tayden is so different from Boston at this age cause he loves the water and will lay in it and walk out to the deeper parts....they seriously had a blast. I wish I would have taken some pictures. That night Jared and I went out to dinner and to see "date night." It was a really good day.

Tayden has been sick. He got sick with the same head stuff shortly after I did. It has now migrated to his chest and he has been coughing like crazy. The last two days he had a fever as well. Jared almost brought him into the hospital last night cause he was just miserable, but he decided not to. I think Jared will take him into the dr. today...I hope he doesn't have pneumonia or bronchitis. Because he has been sick he has ended up in bed with us several times a night....this was kinda going on before he got sick and now it's just worse. We have to break him of this quick before the baby comes...I can't have two kids in bed with me or disturbing my is quite enough.

Boston is registered for Kindergarten in the fall. It is so crazy (and scary) that he is old enough to be starting real school. He had to have a language proficiency screening because two languages are spoken in our home. They want to make sure he can speak and understand english good enough to start school. I guess this is mandatory in Idaho. Anyway, Jared took him in and they ran a series of tests on him and he did awesome. They said he is "advanced" and the lady told Jared to keep doing what he was doing and that Boston will have such an advantage knowing both Spanish and English. Then she said, "he probably has a high IQ for his age you know..." that made me smile. :)

I guess that's all I had on my mind for now...


Christy Beal said...

Boston is very smart. He definitley also has all those great oldest child qualitites - I think we could hire him to nanny brigitte. Hed probably have her speaking spanish in a few weeks :)

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Way to go smarty pants! I love it when your children excel, nothing like seeing them be successful!

Sorry Taydens so sick, poor guy!

Oh and I'll send early/healthy vibes your way!