Thursday, April 01, 2010

Spring Please.

Ever since Jared got the fence put up and the awesome new(free from the reads thank you!) swing set (that's a whole other post in itself) the boys have been dying for it to warm up so they can go out and play. Don't be was not warm enough by any was actually snowing. What the heck? We are so ready to toss our jackets and play in the sun! Anyway it didn't matter today....we have been stuck in the house too long. And Jared has been gone the last two days to help drive Brandon and Alysha's stuff down here to Boise. I guess hanging with mom isn't nearly as fun has playing and wrestling with dad...So the boys threw on their coats and played outside till their cheeks were rosey and their noses runny. I decided I needed to get a few shots of the has been a while. Every time I pulled out the camera Tayden would run away as fast as he could and Boston would flash me a peace sign or try to do something funny. It's a good thing we have a new little one coming soon that will be easy and sweet to least he will make it real easy for me to get a least for a little bit. :)

Oh I love this little sly grin.

He loves his trucks and "cycles"...I tricked him into holding still for one second by asking him what he had in his hand. :)

Boston being funny....I had to show this picture because Tayden doesn't like to go down this slide unless Boston sits behind him and goes with him. Boston is such a good big brother...he is always helping Tayden out and showing him how to do things....that is when he isn't totally tormenting him.

Gotta love the peace sign...and that cute smile.


Christy Beal said...

I still have high hopes that Tayden and Brigitte will get married. Hes SO adorable. I know Boston is spoken for - (I think ashlyn would beat up brigitte if she moved in on her man!)

And if you havent had your baby by the time I have mine...ill probably need your awesome photography skills. Those pics you took of brigitte are my favorites ever.

Nick and Kristen Honeycutt said...

Hugs from tia.