Monday, August 23, 2010

Family Reunion Part 2.

We started our trip early Tuesday morning right when I got off work. But apparently we didn't start it early enough with all the stops we ended up making we quickly realized that there was no way we were gonna make it up to Bryce Canyon before dark. The thought of getting up there with tired kids (and myself exhausted) and trying to set up a tent did not sound like fun. So we got a motel that idea ever. :) We got up Wednesday morning and made our way to Bryce Canyon. Once we got there we just hung out and ate and then made our way to actually go and see the Canyon. It was beautiful...although it was hard to enjoy because Tayden got a sudden case of diarrhea and just couldn't tell me soon enough. Every time he would toot he would shart in his underwear. Seriously!? So we literally went through ALL the underwear I brought him in a matter of hours. It was ridiculous...and a little funny. :) We went to sleep that night and then got up and made our way to the reunion. It was the perfect little camping excursion. Here's some of the pictures from Bryce Canyon and then the rest of the pictures from the reunion.
Little Miss Evy.
This is what Boston did the whole week...he sat and carved things with his knife...he was in heaven.
Kaias and Daddy.

Chase on baby duty...he loves it.
The canyon.

Here's a group hangin out at the reunion.
Brent and Jared...these two are hilarious together.
Eating trailmix :)

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