Friday, November 05, 2010

Kaias 5 months.

Man this is a week behind but oh well. Here is what the little man is up to these days.
-We finally hammered down and put Kai up in his room and let him cry it out. It has done wonders for our lives. He is sleeping through the night and even sleeping better during the day now. Amazing.
-He is moving like crazy. When he is agitated or excited his feet get going and he rubs them together.
-If he is hungry, agitated, or tired he starts to spit and blow bubbles. On a rare occasion he will do it when he is happy and he will copy you if you do it to him first.
-He is acting really interested in real food, but every time I have given him baby food he totally spits it out and acts like its disgusting.
-He loves his brothers and is a TOTAL Daddy's boy...go figure.
-When he is tired he likes to be wrapped up still with his binky and rocked for just a little bit till he is relaxed and then we stick him in bed.
-I can't figure out his eye color...they are still grayish, blueish, green...maybe?
-He love to play standing up in his saucer.
-We love this little boy. He is so sweet and happy.
-Did I mention he is SO CHUBBY. :)

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