Thursday, November 04, 2010

Parent Teacher Conference.

I had Boston's parent teach conference this morning. His teacher said that he is a pleasure to have in class. He is always happy and smiling and easy going. She said he reminds her of a "surfer boy from Idaho." Pretty funny. She says he knows how to have fun, but also how to reel it in when he needs to. He scored perfect for behavior. That makes a mommy happy.
She said he is right on track as far as letters and numbers although when she showed me his scores I know that he knows more than what he scored. I work with him at home on his letters, sounds, and really work with him. So I know how much he knows. So that part of it was a little frustrating because I know he can score better. Her paperwork showed that he could only count to 15. I know that he can count to 30 without any trouble. She said he got held up in the of course I came home and asked him to count to 30 and he did it. No problem. He also missed a couple letters in upper case and a few (or more than that) in lower case. Which again, I know he knows ALL his letters. I talked to her about that and she said that he might just freeze up a little when he knows he is being tested or timed. Which I think is probably true.
Anyway, overall I was really pleased with how well he is doing in class. I really hope that I can make sure he is progressing as he should and learning to read at the right pace. I don't ever want him to struggle with that. His teacher gave me a few pointers so we will definitely be working at home even more.

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angie said...

good for you for working with him and keeping up on his skills. you are such a good mom.