Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We had an amazing thanksgiving break. My parents came down Wednesday night and were here for the whole weekend. I love love having them here...and so do my boys. Thursday morning we got up and started on the rolls. Actually my mom did most the work of course. She is a rockstar. We headed out to the Frogley's to enjoy dinner. We had a small group compared to what we normally have, but we had such a good time. All the adults sat at one table. The married (and unmarried) kids sat at another table and then we had a grandkid's table. We had more food then we knew what to do with. After dinner my family and my parents headed over to Ryan and Nena's for a little visit. It was a really great day.
Friday we got up and my mom and I took the kids to see Despicable Me. We ended up having a huge group of us. Ryan and Nena's group, Nathan and Hailey's group, Travis and September's group, and Becky and Crystal. It was such a cute movie and my boys really liked being able to go do something fun. I am sure Jared and my dad appreciated having the whole house to themselves too for some football. After the movie my mom and I took the boys home and we went to run some errands. The crowds and lines were CRAZY. Then that night we had everyone (a huge group) over for the BSU game. Oh man it was so exciting. The game was intense....and we LOST!!! I still think there was some questionable calls...like the field goal that would have ended the game. We all think it went in, but whatever. Saturday Jared and I went out on a quick mini date to see a dollar movie while my dad stayed home with the kiddos. My mom and Alysha ended up taking Tayden out to run errands with them cause it was his birthday. Alysha let Tayden pick his gift out and I think it is by far his favorite gift. He has slept with that Spiderman toy every night. That night we had a party for Tayden's birthday (another post coming for that). It turned out great. Then Sunday everyone headed home. I was so sad for the week to end ( I may have shed a few tears), but it was nice cause I took the day off so I got to go and enjoy church and have some time to recuperate from all the late nights. Sunday night we came home and ended the night with putting up our Christmas decorations. I had an amazing break. I have so much to be thankful for. I love my family so much. I am so blessed.

Thursday morning Boston and Grandpa watching some shows on the phone. Classic Grandpa.

Then here's some pictures from dinner.

Here's a couple shots from Sunday when we decorated. Sorry for the poor quality...I was trying to show the lights.

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