Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Kaias 6 Months.

Over Thanksgiving break this guy turned 6 months old. Man this boy is growing so so fast. I just want it to all slow down! Here are his ginormous stats :)
Height 27.5"-83%
Weight 19lbs 4oz-79% I can't believe he is 19 pounds!
Head 17.5"- 69%

This little man is by far our biggest child. He has roles in places I didn't know you could have! He is so sweet and easy going. He is almost sitting up by himself. He loves to jabber and watch his brothers. He is always smiling and giggling. He sleeps like a little champ and scoots himself on the ground if you leave him on his back. We love this sweet new addition to our home.
Man I am so outnumbered here :)


angie said...

oh he is just adorable!!

janae said...

Oh, I love his chub! So cute.