Friday, May 27, 2011

My Baby Is One.

I am in shock at how fast this year has flown by. Kai has been a wonderful addition to our home. We just love his sweet and happy personality every day. Since this weekend is supposed to be crazy for us we decided to have a little family BBQ yesterday instead of Saturday (the 28th is his actual birthday). The weather started out great for us, but then it got freezing cold so we had to cut things a little short. Overall, I was happy with how the day turned out for our little Kai man. He got some fun presents and was spoiled by everyone.

All ready for the party!

Grandpa is in town for the weekend cause Chase is graduating and Crystal's going through the temple. Kai is a little ticked in this picture. Haha

Getting ready for some cake.

He wasn't really diggin it. None of my kids get crazy with their cake. I must be way to anal when I feed them or something. They don't like to get crazy with their food. :)

Don't worry though...Jared got crazy for him. He decided to hand out handfuls of cake to all the kids sitting close by that wanted some.

See what I mean? :)

Some of the group at the party. These guys are all staying at Alysha's house. :)

Some of the peeps enjoying the party. You can see it got pretty cold really fast.

It still turned out to be a good day. I am will post more about our Kaias as soon as he gets his 1 year appointment over with and some stats.


Dev & Di said...

You guys are do cute!

Anna Beal said...

I can't believe he's one! Holy Crap where did the time go?