Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bath Time.

For some reason with baby number 3 it seems like it is so hard to find time to make sure he gets bathed. Is that bad to admit? haha. Seriously though. Every once and a while I will stick him in the kitchen sink because it seems to contain him better than our big bath tub. If he is in our bath tub I have to watch him so close because he will try and get up and walk and climb and most of the time end up falling back in. He has just gotten so fast and quick that I am just asking for trouble with him in that big bath. And let's be honest....for some reason I am way more tempted to leave him in there for a second than I am if I have him right there in the sink where I can stand and wash him.
*Side story- The other day I had Kai up in the bumbo on the high kitchen table feeding him. I had the tray on the bumbo because I know how he can quickly get out of the bumbo without the tray on it...I thought it might help to contain him a little. I finished feeding the food that I had for him, but he was still hungry. So I stood up and walked over to the fridge and grabbed the yogurt out and opened it. I looked up and in that small amount of time Kai had some how pulled the tray off the bumbo, flipped himself out of the seat so he was sitting with his back to the very edge of the table. (both boys were up at the table eating too) I ran over to try and grab him and before I could get to him he turned like he was going to crawl and fell head first off the table onto the floor. AND landed on his face. I felt HORRIBLE. I asked the boys why they didn't tell me that Kai had gotten out of his seat and Boston said it happened so fast that he didn't even realize Kai was on the table until I was running to try and grab him. So needless to say the boy is FAST.
So it seems more a of hassle (and potentially dangerous) to bath him in the tub than to just stick him in the kitchen sink for a minute where I can stand right there.

Love this little stank face he gives.

The boys were making him laugh. :)

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Anna Beal said...

So funny! My sister's daughter rolled out of her bumbo off the counter head first also. I think they should put led weights in those and add seat belts ;)