Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'm Relieved.

I have been going to physical therapy and my knee is feeling pretty good. I have been doing all my "homework" as far as stretching, exercises, and icing goes, but I wasn't really sure how good it would feel for a long run though. So my physical therapist taped my knee the day before (and worked it over a little) and told me to just be careful and take it easy during the run if it started to bother me. We ran 22 miles yesterday and to my surprise my knee felt pretty good. A few twinges of pain and some tightness, but I was really happy with how good it felt. I am excited because I know that I will be able to do the race now. I would have been really bummed if I had trained for this and then not been able to do it. So now lets just hope the next couple weeks go smoothly and I will be on my way.

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