Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Jared!

Yesterday was Jared's 32nd birthday. I just put together a small little dinner for our family and made him a cake since I had to work that night. I knew that his surprise for his present would make up for any lack of a big party. I surprised Jared with the rifle he has been wanting for quite some time. I had Brandon (pyper) help me win it on gunbroker and get it all taken care of to be sure it was exactly what he wanted. I don't think Jared had any clue....needless to say he was SUPER excited. The gun isn't here yet so I wrapped a box of ammo to surprise him. The boys made him some cute cards and were really excited to give them to him.
Happy birthday to the best husband and father I could have ever imagined having in my life! We love you babe!

This really was the best we could get hahah.


El Chidote said...

She is a Sneaky Snake

Christy said...

Happy Bday Jared! Im so glad you got another weapon to keep our neighborhood protected. I feel very safe living next door!!!

Myca - I cant believe how good your marathon time was considering how sick you were - seriuosly thats amazing. just imagine what it would have been had you not wanted to kill yourself the whole ENTIRE time! Im way proud of you - and if I wasnt knocked up EVERY single year of my life I woudl seriously think about taking up a small running hobby for mental health reasons! I think its incredible that you finished - AND met your time from before. I on the other hand would have laid down on the road and prayed for death. Way to go!