Monday, June 13, 2011

Bear Lake Marathon.

I think this is going to be painful to even write about it....Friday afternoon we got all packed up for our race and made our way down to Bear Lake in Utah where the marathon was going to take place. My mom came into town Wednesday night (bless her heart) to watch the boys for me because Jared is in the middle of his two weeks of guard.
The drive up was nice. We talked and relaxed and made a few stops just to get all the food and stuff we needed for the weekend. That night we went and picked up our race packets, made dinner, and then tried to get to bed early.
Saturday morning we got up at 4:45 for the race. I was super nervous, but feeling really good and excited about it. There were only 4 of us running the full marathon. It was me and Lindsey and Jenny and September. We started the race and by mile 3 I knew I was in for trouble. I felt HORRIBLE. I was so sick to my stomach. Every deep breath I took I felt nauseous and like I needed to throw up. To top it off it was raining which I didn't mind, but there was some really strong wind we were running against. The first 15 miles were hills. And not like a little hill and then you get to recover on the down hill. It was like was like there was never a break for my legs. Even with that though my body was doing ok...I was just SO SICK. By the halfway mark I had made pretty good time considering how crappy I already felt. I think my time was 1:52 or 1:57 something around there, but it was under 2 hours which was what I was going for. I thought, "ok I am still doing ok...maybe I can break 4 hours..." But it just spiraled down from there. By mile 15 I was crying because I was so sick. I would try to eat because I needed to if I was going to keep running and I would just gag and dry heave. By mile 17 I had to stop and poop (tmi?) and then took a little time because I thought I was going to throw up again. By mile 18 my music shut off and I could get my ipod to work. SERIOUSLY?! From about mile 13 on I would run a short distance and then walk. I pretty much walked the whole second half of the race. Any time I tried to run I just wanted to hurl. I debated on just quitting, but the race was so small that at times I was totally by myself....I probably wouldn't have found someone to pick me up anyway. Hahaha. Seriously though, there were no crowds of people to cheer you on. No was a little sad. I pushed through though and finally finished with the EXACT SAME TIME as my first marathon 4:17. I was so emotional that I just started bawling. I wasn't sad that I didn't finish under 4 hours or that I didn't do better...I was just so happy that it was over that I couldn't stop crying. There was not one second of the entire 26.2 miles that I thought, "ok I feel good now..." not once. I felt horrible the ENTIRE race. That was really hard for me. Jared thinks it was because of the altitude...maybe it was. Maybe it was just a bad day for me and a really difficult course, but whatever the reason it just didn't go well. I am not mad or sad though. Honestly, considering how horrible it was for me I was actually surprised and happy that I at least finished with the same time...I didn't do worse. :) Considering how much I walked and stopped I was actually keeping a pretty good pace when I could actually run. I am only frustrated because with that I know that I could have broken 4 hours or come really close to it. That sucks. It just wasn't a good day for me at all. Period.
My sister-in-law Jenny did awesome and felt really good. She had to stop before me to use the bathroom as well, but kept right on going. She was pretty much with me or right ahead of me the entire race (and really what kept me going) and she finished in 4:16 a minute before me. She improved her time and was really happy....although I think she was hoping to come closer to 4 hours as well. I just think the course (especially the hills in the beginning) was really difficult.
September finished around 4:50 and had to stop several times to pee and get a rock out of her shoe, and Lindsey finished around 4:40 I think. Becky, Heidi, Crystal, Mallory, and Missy all did their races (10K and half marathon) and they went really good. Overall, I am happy I did it...and sad it couldn't have gone better for me.
The rest of the day was obviously a little difficult for me. I was so sore and pretty much sick the rest of the day. I couldn't really eat. We went out to eat that night and then rented a movie. It was so fun to spend the time with all the girls. Sunday we got up and headed home. I was finally feeling better and had an appetite again. I was happy to get home to all my boys. :)

I wish I had brought my nice point and shoot doesn't take the best pictures. Boo...

Trying to stay hydrated :)

Our place was beautiful and had an awesome view of the lake. It was a really nice set up.

All the girls minus Becky taking the picture.

After the races...haha we were a sad bunch.

At dinner after the races.

I am still waiting for the official times and placements from the race. I think because it was a small race we still may have placed pretty decently. :) We will see.


Kimmy said...

I was hurting just reading this post. I'm sorry it was not a good run. That stinks! But you do it, and I'm so proud of you.

Katie said...

Well, I am so impressed! I'm having the hardest time getting back into running between still getting up in the night and getting a cold every stinking month. The fact that you ran a marathon, work nights and have 3 boys is inspiring. Thank you for writing about it!