Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Schools Out!

Today was Boston's last day of school. It kinda made me happy, excited, sad, and nervous all at the same time. I am so happy to have him home for the summer, but it makes me realize even more how much I wish I were home with them more. It makes me nervous because I want to be sure they have a fun summer, but also a productive one. I don't want him to forget everything we have worked hard on all year. So I am feeling some really mixed emotions at the moment. I can't believe in the fall he will be in school ALL day. That makes me nervous and kinda sad too.

They had a singing program and then we went to the classroom to say goodbye, get his scores and report card, and eat a popsicle.

Here's a few things I noticed.

-Having worked all night, this morning I felt rushed, exhausted, hungover (or what I imagine being hungover would feel like) and sad that I was feeling this way when I just wanted to be fully alert and there for Boston. It again enforces to me more how important I think it is for me to be home. I want to be there the best I can for my kids. I don't think I am accomplishing that right now.

-It's really hard to take pictures while holding a baby in one arm and shooting with the other. I think all the pictures I tried to get were blurry.

-Boston will usually sing if he is supposed to, but if you want him to sing and do the actions...probably won't happen. He did pretty good today, but when all the other Kinders were dancing and doing the actions he was right smack dab in the middle pretty much holding still.

-I know Boston has lots of friends, but is it a good thing or a bad thing that he doesn't really see them or spend time with them away from school. I feel like it's ok, but then part of me wonders if he is missing out socially cause I don't have him invite friends over or he doesn't get invited to go over to their house. When we went to leave the school I asked him if he wanted any pictures with his friends or wanted to say bye and he said no. It kinda made me sad...or made me wonder if that is normal, or good? Is that normal for his age?

-Boston's report card was awesome. He scored consistently high scores. His teacher wrote great things about him. I kinda want to scan his stuff since I don't like to hang onto the paper, but maybe I will just write what his teacher wrote....and for my own sake write what his scores were too. What do you think? Scan them or just write them down?

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Kacey Nielsen said...

Boston looks so handsome!

Have NO idea about kindergarten social behavior but I would say Boston does not seem to be lacking in social normalcy so I wouldn't worry too much. I plan to scan everything I even remotely care about because written stuff and vague pieces of paper will never survive my household.