Friday, June 03, 2011

I Had The Best Birthday EVER.

So two weeks ago I found out that Jared was going to be busy on my birthday and basically the days leading up to it and after it. Boo. I just convinced myself that it was ok and to put a smile on my face. Then the week before my birthday Jared surprised me with an ipod shuffle (actually it was a nano, but we exchanged it for the shuffle which is perfect for running and working out). So then I especially thought that was my birthday...and that was great. I was sad that I wouldn't get to spend it with J, but super excited about my shuffle. So the day of my birthday rolled around and I had worked that night into the morning. I came home really tired and worked out and then tried to lay down for a little bit. I got up when Jared said he needed to run some errands. When he got back he had the biggest surprise for me. He had made a big candy gram with a sweet message on it, and then gave me a card that said he had made the whole next available for just me and him. His mom was going to watch the boys and he was going to take me shopping all day long. I immediately started crying. I was so excited.

(Here's the shuffle, Candygram, and my card with my AE gift card)
So the whole day I had that to look forward to for the next day. I got to spend the rest of the day with Alysha (amazing that we both had the day off together) while Corbin watched the boys for me. She surprised me with the stuff for shellac nails! I had no idea and was SO STOKED. Then we headed out to do some summer clothes shopping for Lysh. The girl NEEDS clothes. Once we were done with that she took me for a nice relaxing foot massage. So nice...and kinda funny. The people doing it were Asian and did not understand English AT ALL. It was hilarious.

(Can you tell I was exhausted?)

We ended the day watching some great shows. I felt so special, grateful, spoiled, and happy. It was a great day.

Thursday I got up and took Kai to his appointment then we went and dropped off the boys at Becky's and then headed out to start shopping. Jared knows that I stress about money and wouldn't spend it if I was just having to pay for things right out of our account. So he went and got a prepaid american express gift card and put a certain amount on it and told me I couldn't ask questions and that I could only spend it on myself for clothes, shoes, swimsuits, or whatever I wanted. It couldn't go towards something for the house or the boys or anything like that. I have never been on a shopping "spree" like this, but it was a dream date and birthday present. We went to every store I wanted. I tried on tons of clothes. I didn't have to rush. And I didn't have to feel guilty (even though I did a little). Jared put it perfectly, "he was forcing and supporting" cause he knew I would never just go do that on my own. It was the BEST. Did I say that already? The day went by way too fast and I didn't take a single picture cause I was too busy trying stuff on! Jared did update facebook with every single stop we made. I am sure people were thinking I was an absolute high maintenance spoiled brat! :)

I love my husband. He is the best and knows exactly what to do to cheer me up and make me feel so special. I feel so blessed.


Kimmy said...

I was so jealous as I followed along on facebook. It sounds amazing! I'm happy for you. You deserve it, and I'm sure he was so happy to do it for you. You are loved!

Angie said...

Although all that shopping is my worst nightmare (yeah I'm missing that "all women like shopping" gene), but I am so glad you got spoiled and that you have people around you that know exactly what you need and provide you with all the love you deserve. I love ya.

ps. I did think that whole massage thing sounded divine though!

Anna Beal said...

That was a dream birthday! Love it!

Mandi said...

I would LOVE to be as "high maintenance spoiled brat" as you.ha ha. At least you know how much he cares. I thought it was super sweet. Glad you had such an amazing birthday.