Friday, June 03, 2011

Kaias Is One Year Old.

Kai at his appointment...the child cannot be contained. He didn't know what was coming...poor guy.

So here are the stats:

Weight- 22lbs 13oz- 49%
Height- 31.5 inches- 91%
Head- 18.25 inches- 48%

I think it's so funny because most people think Kai is SO big, but really I think it's just cause he is so tall. Add his big old bear paw hands and feet and it makes him look like a little monster. He really isn't that "chubby" though. The other funny thing was that his pediatrician joked when he started to check out his stats and said something like "let's see how big this guy's head is...all the Frogley kids have big heads. " What? I laughed and told him he must be mistaken cause all of my boys have had relatively small heads. I even told him that I thought he would probably be really tall and his head would be pretty average or small. I was totally right. He was like, "oh you totally called it...I must be thinking of his cousins..." hahaha. Funny.

Kai these days has really come into his personality. He is a rough and tough boy. Seriously. He looks sweet...and he is, but he can really hold his own. He LOVES to wrestle. If anyone is on the floor, adult or kid, he will climb right up on them and attack. If he is trying to get to something he wants he will bulldoze through anyone or anything to get to it. No exaggeration. Grandpa Bergquist could not get over how tough he was when he was here last weekend. He kept making comments about how young he was, but yet he would chase around all the other kids and at one point all the big kids were in a big dog pile and Kai climbed right in and bit one of them. Seriously the kid is tough. He can get picked up and thrown around and it doesn't phase him at all.

He has really good hand eye coordination. Since Corbin has been in town he keeps telling me how it freaks him out how good Kai is with his he is too little to be that quick. He can see something really little and in a second grab it with two fingers no problem.

Kai loves real food. I think his favorites at the moment are yogurt and applesauce, but he will eat pretty much anything we give him. He still takes a bottle with whole milk now. I am kinda freakin a little because both my other boys were broken of the bottle by now and were taking a sippy cup. Not only does Kai love his bottle, but he still likes his milk warm too! AND he takes a binky! Ugh, I think he is going to be a hard one to break. At the moment I don't even really want to deal with it though so I am just going to approach it when I have time I guess.

He still only has 8 teeth, but I SWEAR those stinkin molars have got to come in soon. It seems like he has been teething forever!

Kai could totally be walking if he wanted. He will walk like 5 or 6 steps, stop, stand there for a minute, then sit down and crawl. He is just so fast at crawling that I don't think he is as motivated to get to walking, but honestly I think once he decides he won't even be walking...he will be running.

He is talking a whole bunch. He can for sure say "Dada," "Mama," and "Hi." It is so cute. He will wave his little hand and in a high voice say, "Hi." Melts. My. Heart. Most other times he just jabbers tons. If he wants something (like me to pick him up) some times he will crawl over to our feet and lay his little head on the floor or even on our feet. It is so cute.

His hair is so so blonde and looks like it going to be curly. The texture is totally different since Jared shaved all his baby hair off. It's really coarse. His eyes are still a crazy color. They are dark so if you don't look close I think most people would assume they are brown, but they are a blueish gray color with little specks of green in them. It will be interesting to see if they continue to change. He has the most beautiful full luscious lips. I just wanna kiss them all the time. :)

I can't believe an entire year has gone by. We love this little man so much and he has been such a light and joy in our home. I could not imagine our life without his sweet little personality.

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