Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Earl Family Reunion.

Ahhh...we are back from our Earl family reunion. We had such a great time. It was kinda last minute planning since we all thought the reunion was going to be here in Boise. Then once people started thinking about it we knew we wouldn't get us all together for the entire time if we didn't leave Boise. So my Dad suggested Sandpoint since he already had the Cabin in Sandpoint reserved for the weekend. It was a really long drive, but so worth it. The first two days we were there it was rainy and kinda chilly, but it didn't stop the kids from running around and having a total blast. The last day we were there it was so sunny and nice. We headed over to the lake and met up with the Muirheads (so fun to see them) where the kids swam and even got to go out on the boat that the Muirheads had brought up. Overall I think the reunion was a total success!

This was saturday after all the swimming.

LOVE this picture of Kai...not so much of myself, but that's ok.

These are so out of order...Kai on the drive home. He really did so good...as long as we had his binky. Man that is gonna be a tough one to break.

The lake on Saturday.

Stinky baby getting a bath in the sink.

One of the colder days we were there...all the kids at the river.

The boys being tough showing their tatoos.

The older men sat around for hours having an ax throwing contest...it was really entertaining.

In Action.


Kimmy said...

I haven't been up there for so long! It's such a great place. I'm glad you were all able to go and be together.

Angie said...

hahah I was totally going to say " i haven't been there in so long"...guess kim beat me to it!
looks like you guys had fun. i love you all.

oh and I know Im gonna have a major problem taking Q's binky away...she loves that thing.

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

It was so great to see you guys! I wish we had some real time to hang out and get in a rhythm, like the good ol days. You look great! Your kids are super cute! And I love seeing Jared and Kent talk, if we lived closer they'd be friends for sure!