Monday, August 08, 2011

Bergquist Family Reunion.

We are back from our Bergquist reunion up in Cedar city at the cabin. We had a great time (except for the pure exhaustion from lack of sleep...thanks Kai) and the kids ran wild. Honestly I love this reunion, but it was so nice to be back in my own bed last night. We got up early Thursday morning at like 5:00 to leave since we had a 9 hour drive. Wednesday night was my switch over day so I should have been able to sleep with no problems (I had been up for over 24 hours) but come 2:00 am I was still awake....and then up by 5:00 to leave. Needless to say I was not the happiest person to be around. Then combine that with the fact that Kai got up at 5:00 am as well and did not sleep in the car ride at all and then was up every 30 minutes the first night we were there AND then wouldn't take a nap the entire second day (I think he was/is getting molars) made me and him a little crazy by day two. I was SO tired and crabby and emotional. By the second night I finally got him to go to sleep and then when I went to lay down myself a couple hours later he woke up. I about lost it. I took him straight out to Jared and then walked back into the room and started bawling. I don't do well with that little of sleep. Luckily, Jared got him right back to sleep and then he actually slept pretty good that night...and so did I. Sigh...I felt so much better by the last day so I actually could enjoy the time. A bunch of us girls got up and went for a run Saturday morning up in the mountains. It was beautiful...but kinda hard. haha. I was sucking big wind...and it was more like a run/hike. There was some serious hills. It was good though. There wasn't really any organized activities this year and it was totally ok. I love being able to migrate from conversation to conversation and really enjoy everyone's company. I don't think I saw my older kids for more than a couple minutes at a time during the day because they were out playing and exploring ALL day. I love that. The adults would hang out all day talking, crafting, playing games, eating, and then at night it would kinda all start over. We would finally get the kids to bed and then we would all stay up visiting and eating some delicious pizza that Uncle Bryce made nightly for a little midnight snack. YUM. Saturday night we had a great family home evening and testimony meeting. The spirit was so strong and I really walked away feeling uplifted and hopeful after hearing some of the family member's personal experiences. After the FHE all the adults stayed up till 2:00 just visiting. It was a great night. I absolutely love the Bergquists and feel so blessed to be a part of this amazing family.
Anyway I only brought my point and shoot camera...and only pulled it out for part of one day. I was such a slacker. But in my defense I wasn't really feeling great till the last day...So these pictures are kind of random.

Kai loving on daddy. This was the one day that he still hadn't slept and we finally took him outside and stripped him down and he loved it.

Don't let that face deceive you....

It was usually more like this...

Crazy shots of the kids running around the one day we pulled out the hose and some water balloons.

Jenny and fun to have them all there this year!

Evy looking a little frazzled. Hahaha

Boston boy....

Grandpa and Granma...LOVE them.

Kai found a friend...and a ball....

Some of the girls painting kindness beads....

On a side note here are a few updates.

Kai is a complete monster and into everything. He is climbing stairs and has mastered coming back down them. He is running! Seriously he is getting fast. AND he is really starting to talk. He most recent words are : ball, mama, dada, up, book, baw baw (which I think is for Boston), Mmmm (which is he attempt at moo for cow), and hi. I love it. He is still such a fun addition to our family.

I am freaking out about school starting mostly because it really makes me feel like I need to be home and not working full time. Boston and Tayden are both going to be in school and I am worried about balancing mine and Jared's schedule since he is so busy now (I posted about that here, but never published it) with the boys getting to where they need to be everyday. Not only that but being in a good routine of dinner, school work, and bed at a normal time. The boys bouncing around between sitters works ok during the summer when we aren't as concerned about them getting to bed at a normal time or them having work they have to do. But now that they will be in school it just makes me realize how difficult it is going to be. I just need to be home and be a mom. Run kids around, make dinner, help with homework, scriptures and prayers, and get kids to bed...that's what I am supposed to be doing. I keep telling myself this isn't permanent, but I just want to be there for my kids. I WANT to be a good mom. I don't want to feel like by mid week I have no idea what's been going on with my kids and their lives since I have been breaks my heart.

Anyway I am off to get ready for


lysh said...

COOL IT! You are a good mom! Sad that I have to comment on your blog since I'm not home forever!

Stephanie Kay Moore said...

I love these pictures and reading about your lack of sleep (after a night up with Mason every hour) makes me nauseated. It's so hard to leave behind a child and go to work, but always remember that they know how much you love them, and they always will. This is temporary, and it's better that it's happening now than when they're in highschool and with even more chaos to try to work around! You are a GREAT mom. Never doubt it!
P.S. Those yellow shoes are from the buckle!