Saturday, August 27, 2011

We May Have A Klepto On Our Hands.

Man I haven't blogged in a few weeks. I guess we really haven't had anything new going on here. Just being home and getting things organized and ready to go back to school. Our schedules are going to be really crazy. And I am probably not going to get very much sleep. I guess I will see how it all plays out next week.

Jared took his wedding ring off at the beginning of the week when he was out in the garage working out. He forgot about it and realized the next day at work that he didn't have it on. So that day when he got home he went over to where he had left it and it was gone. He asked me if I had moved it and I told him I didn't even know it was in there. He searched all over the place and asked the boys if they had seen it or moved it and they said no. The problem is that his ring kinda looks like a bolt or something that belongs in the garage.... And Tayden has been known to collect little treasures and trinkets and keep them in his pockets or different places around the house. Well, 4 or 5 days went by with no sign of his ring. I was beginning to think I was going to have to replace his wedding ring....again. :) Luckily, last night I was doing laundry and happened to pick up a pair of Tayden's SWIM TRUNKS. When I went to fold them I heard something hit that counter that was in the side pocket. Ta da....there was Jared's ring. He must have taken it off the work bench thinking it was just another little "tool" or something, but surely not a wedding ring (he is pretty good about remember if he has taken or moved something specific) so when we asked that's why he didn't think of it. We are SO lucky he didn't go swimming or something. Yikes.

On a totally different side note....funny, but really more annoying and embarrassing. I ran out of gas Wednesday morning on my way home from work. Like full on, car shut off in the middle of the street. I couldn't even steer it towards the parking lot. I was obviously trying to make it to the nearest gas station, but was sabotaged by a forever long red light. Luckily, (or unluckily) I had two cops right behind me. They turned on their lights and came up to my window and asked me if I was having a medical emergency. Haha no...just out of gas. Crap. So they pushed me into the nearest parking lot and LEFT ME to walk to the closest station. Super fun. I got a can of gas and ended up getting it all over me trying to put it into the car. I was so tired and so close to sitting on the sidewalk and crying. Hahaha. I made it home though....finally.

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