Saturday, August 27, 2011


Best. Decision. Ever.
I am so glad that we turned the old office into the playroom. My kids love it and I love it! It's the perfect place for them to go and play and I love having a place for all their toys:). Eventually, we want to put a little tv in there and I am sure at some point they will have an xbox or a wii. This room is going to be even better in the winter when the boys are stuck inside.
Anyway the room is pretty much here are some pictures.


Brandon & Amber said...

Love your playroom! It turned out so cute!

Christy said...

Im SO jealous of your playroom! Its super adorable - AND NECESSARY! I fear for my life this winter when I cant just send the kdis to the backyard! I think we might convert a garage bay into a play room...we are tossing the idea around. Youll definitely have to come decorate it for me!

Derek & Brittany said...

I love the colorful pom poms! How crafty

Samantha and Tyrel Ross said...

How fun!! If I could change anything about my house it would be to have a toy room!! Nice idea!!