Tuesday, October 04, 2011

This Is No Fun!

Last night I left the boys with Brandon and Alysha and I headed into work. I was feeling just fine until about 10 and then I started feeling really nauseous. I tried to hold out as long as I could, but by midnight I had gotten a text from Alysha saying Tayden was throwing up and by 1:30 ish I was throwing up uncontrollably. I left work trying to make it home as fast I could without throwing up. I got home and stuck Tayden in bed with me. He spent the night throwing up until about 6:00 this morning, and I did the same till about 8:00. So. Sucky. I was finally able to keep some sprite down at about 9:00 and I am feeling like the throw up part of it has at least passed. Tayden woke up at 9:30 feeling a little better as well. At least whatever this is seems to be fast. Now I am just trying to recover from the sore back and body aches from barfing so hard and a pretty sweet headache. Boo to that. This is especially hard without Jared here...I am so grateful for Brandon and Alysha. I feel horrible that they had to deal with that last night. I am PRAYING they don't get sick.


Angie said...

yeah that sounds awful!

Christy said...

Oh my heck! Let me help you!!!!! seriously please call me if I can take a boy or two off your hands so you can recover! Iw ouldnt mind getting the flu either - maybe it would put me into labor :)