Saturday, October 01, 2011

Oh Boston.

I hope tonight isn't a sign of what's to come while Jared is gone. Boston started throwing up OUT OF NO WHERE. Seriously, one minute he was playing and the next he said his stomach hurt. And every time he tries to get up he just starts throwing up again. Oh man...I hope I don't get sick, and I hope this passes quickly.

I have two other stories I have to write down about Boston. I don't want to forget them.
Today after Boston's game he went upstairs to play with Jared's old xbox. He sometimes goes up there into the guest bedroom and plays some of Jared's old game. Collin (he's been visiting for the week) came down the stairs a minute later and told me that Boston had just said, "oh man this level is just too DAMN hard...I am gonna play a different one..." WHAT?? I didn't think he even knew that word! I asked Collin if he was sure and told me absolutely. So I went up and asked Boston and sure enough he told me that's what he said. I asked him where he heard, tv, dad,??? and he told me he didn't know. I told him it was a really bad word and we don't talk like that. AND if he says it again he is going to be in a whole lotta trouble. It kinda breaks my heart that he said that....

THEN the other day when we were coming home from school he was telling me something that he wants and I told him we would have to write it down so he would know what to tell Santa when Christmas roles around and he said, "mom is Santa even real?!" I answered, "yes why?!" He said, "I feel like you and dad buy all those presents and then put them out and say they are from Santa....I don't think he's even real." I asked him who told him that and he said, "no one...I just thought it myself. Have you ever even seen him?" I told him no, but that's why he's so magical because he can do so much in one night and never even be seen. Boston was like, "Yeah...I just don't even think that's real..." WHAT THE HECK?! He's 6!!! Why is he already thinking Santa isn't real?? Again...totally breaks my heart.


Samantha said...

oh myca don't be sad. Well- you can definitely be sad about the barfing. I hope you can all be healthy while jared is gone. But don't be sad about sweet boston. He probably didn't know it was a bad word. You can just be sad if he continues to say it now that he knows it's bad.

and secretly, I kind of am looking forward to when my kids start questioning santa. Is that bad? I'm sure I'll be sad when it comes, but I always feel a little weird about the santa thing. I want them to get to give and receive presents and have such a fun time, but I don't really like lying to them about things and having them potentially question other things I've taught them. Is that lame? My sister in laws think so. Haha. But I get why you're sad. Your baby is growing up and that is always crazy and good but super sad too.

Myca said...

Thanks actually made me feel way better about the santa issue. Honestly, I think you are was more about the growing up part and less about the Santa part. I am that way with Easter too. I don't really like doing the easter bunny because I think it's ridiculous and far from what easter is really about. So we don't really do the bunny thing....I guess Santa is basically the same thing. haha