Friday, September 30, 2011

I Like Lists.

They make me really happy. So here is an "list form."

Jared- Found out two weeks ago (awesome notice) that he was going to be leaving for military training for what he thought would be about 3 weeks long. Awesome.....then he finds out WEDNESDAY (so two days ago and 4 days before he is supposed to leave) that he will be gone from this Sunday the 2nd until the 31ST!!! SERIOUSLY?! The whole month! I am only planning on taking two days off the whole time he is gone, but now I am thinking I might need to take more?? Luckily, I have lots of family that is willing to help out. AND Alysha was able to make most of her scheduled days off the days that I she gets to play mom for a little bit. Great practice right?

Me- I feel totally ready for this marathon and am actually ready to do something other than running. The only problem is that I am having crazy nightmares about running the race. Like, it just needs to get here already so I can STOP having bad dreams about it. Dreams where I am running and running for hours and get lost, or can't find the finish line. Or all these bad things happen to me while I'm running. must be on my mind a lot. Two weeks to go. :)

Boston- Seems to be doing really well in school. He came home with the challenge spelling words this week because he aced the spelling pre-test with the normal words. Cool. Then at soccer practice yesterday I made the mistake of telling him if he happened to score a goal that he could earn a guy. Awesome part was that I have never seen him play so hard. EVER. He was dribbling the ball down and around guys to get to the goal. He was playing so hard. Not so awesome part, he didn't score a goal. Bring. On. The. Break. Down. He started crying (and said it was cause he was really hot...which he was) but I think it was more cause he "just couldn't score a goal. " Oh man...I finally had to tell him that it doesn't matter if he scores a goal and that he just need to play hard and his best and have fun. I told him eventually he probably would get a goal and if he doesn't that he could still earn a guy by just playing his best. Man...I totally see myself in that little boy. Becky (his grandma) was at the house that night and heard the story and had to remind him that "you can't be the best at everything..." Hahaha. It's funny though...because I was so that way.

Tayden- Has been so naughty these days. Doing stuff he KNOWS he is not supposed to. Yesterday during practice he snuck away from me and the next thing I know the school is paging over head "Will the mother of Tayden please come to the front office." Not my finest moment. They found him by the front of the school...totally opposite side from where I was. Yeah I am an awesome mom. I felt totally judged. Haha. Aside from that fiasco he is pushing and teasing Kai relentlessly...and Boston for that matter too. When he comes home from preschool and I try to ask him questions about what he learned he never can tell me a single thing. I can't tell if he is just yanking my chain or if he really doesn't know. Is he even paying attention?? Is he learning anything?? I don't know. Yesterday was color day so they all had to wear yellow. They talked about the color yellow and did all sorts of stuff pertaining to yellow. When I asked him what color he was wearing when he got home HE COULDN'T TELL ME. SERIOUSLY? Then I tried to prompt him a little and asked him about the day and the only color he could come up with was BLUE. The kid is killing me! I don't really know what to do.

Kaias- Is getting super feisty these days. He screams at everything. It tends to get a tad bit irritating. I have to keep reminding him to STOP SCREAMING. He is talking like crazy too. Some of the words he has added to his expanding vocabulary are: Uh oh, Cacker (cracker), Tayda (tayden), Boton (boston), cup, gampa (grandpa), and I am sure there is others that I am forgetting. The funniest though is that when he is really hungry he'll start yelling "cacker" all over the house. So cute. He has gotten a little picky these days about what he will eat. So frustrating...he used to be such a good eater. I think part of it though is that darn last molar still hasn't come in yet...and it keeps bugging him.
He knows how to open the doors now. Man I have to watch him like a hawk. I brought him in last night from the front yard, and he immediately went to the garage door and opened it and headed out the garage back out to the street where the boys were. He is fast. But so so cute. It's is crazy to think that if I were spacing my next baby the same distance as the others I would be getting pregnant any time now. Yikes....that won't be happening for a while. For now I am just trying to enjoy my little Kai guy and all his fun stages.

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