Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tayden Is Four!!

Our Tayden man is 4. Tayden has been such a joy to have in our home. I love this guy so so much. He is just at the cutest age and phase of life. I could sit and watch him all day long. He really reminds me of his dad. There is definitely two sides to him. On one side he can be so rough and tumble, in your face, crazy, and feisty and will not hesitate to punch someone in the face..But the other side of him is so sweet and tender hearted, creative, imaginative, funny, so so funny, charming, and totally a class clown. I love that he loves his brothers and looks up to his Dad. Or that he can go sit and play "guys" by himself for hours. I love his big brown eyes and his infectious smile and the way he laughs when he is being sneaky or a tease. He loves treats, especially chocolate, and will pretty much try anything I ask him to when it comes to food. He rarely has a shirt on and is always telling me he's too hot to wear a shirt. He knows how to push buttons and how to get his way, but I wouldn't have it any other way! Tayden is such a special boy and I can't imagine our lives without him. We love you Tayden!

Classic Tayden face. :)

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