Wednesday, November 30, 2011


This year we ended up hosting Thanksgiving at our house. It was kinda by default, but I am so happy that we did it! It turned out to be such a great day. We had all the Frogley's and the Dilgard's over for dinner and then later in the evening my parents and Ryan and Nena's group joined us. We had so much food and I have to say I think some of the best we have ever had! It was SO GOOD. Since Tayden's birthday was that weekend also we decided to celebrate on that day since we were already going to have everyone there. It made pulling things together in the morning a little crazy but I think it all turned out. I made some cute place settings and we set up a table in the playroom for the just the kids. We covered their table with paper so they could color while they waited to eat and they loved it. I also made some yummy pumpkin cinnamon cream cheese cupcakes that I was really excited about. We ended the night with Tayden opening his presents and then everyone sat around in a food coma looking at black Friday adds. Overall I think the night was a success.

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